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Perfect goods shall replace any products found defective through faults of workmanship, or credit will be allowed at invoice price. Defective claims will only be accepted with prior approval accompanied with an MB Sturgis Inc. generated Return Material Authorization Number. To obtain a valid RMA number, please contact you respective sales person or email your request to info@mbsturgis.com.

MB Sturgis Inc. will not allow charges for labor, expense or consequential damages due to a defect in the product, unless first approved and agreed upon by a member of the MB Sturgis Inc. Senior Management Team.

As MB Sturgis Inc. does not know the identities of all the end users of its products; we cannot distribute the proper safety and use information to these end users. To this end, we must depend on the sellers and distributors of MB Sturgis Inc. products to distribute the information contained in our web site or product literature.

Where MB Sturgis Inc. products are installed on the equipment of original manufacturers, catalog information including warnings, use, maintenance, inspection and the wear characteristics of flexible hose connector should be provided to the end users of the product. If any MB Sturgis Inc. products are resold to other end users, this same information should be provided.

If you have any questions regarding the proper use, safety, or installation of our products, please feel free to contact us with a detailed request at info@mbsturgis.com.

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