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MB Sturgis was incorporated in 1957, with Malcolm B. Sturgis as the sole stockholder.

Mr. Sturgis graduated from Cornell University in 1939 with a Bachelor of Science degree. After graduating, Mr. Sturgis served in the Air Force from February 12, 1941, until December 20, 1945. He flew anti-submarine missions as a pilot from January 1942, until July 1943 and heavy bombardment missions over Europe until June, 1945.

Mr. Sturgis moved to St. Louis in 1948, opened a fluid power distributorship and operated the business in St. Louis and Kansas City. In 1957, MB Sturgis Inc was formed to serve as a design fabricator of hydraulic power units and mobile test stands. Customers included McDonnell Aircraft Company and Boeing Airplane Company.

In more recent years, MB Sturgis Inc. has ventured into the LP and Natural Gas business by designing and developing hose assemblies, valves, fittings, and quick disconnects. Mr. Sturgis played an active role in daily operations of the business and actively participated on ANSI standards committees until his retirement in 1995.

In 1995, Mr. Sturgis sold the company to the employees of MB Sturgis Inc. lead by Ms. Rosemary Diel, who at the time occupied the position of Vice-President, and the only other shareholder of MB Sturgis Inc. Ms. Diel assumed the management of MB Sturgis Inc and immediately focused her efforts on the upgrading of the manufacturing equipment and the development of new and innovative products to spearhead the growth of MB Sturgis Inc. As her efforts paid off, in 1997 Ms. Diel purchased the company in whole from the employees of MB Sturgis Inc. and also purchased the Maryland Heights, MO manufacturing facility from Mr. Malcolm Sturgis. Today, Ms Diel stills maintains full ownership of M.B. Sturgis Inc. and the facility the company occupies.

Since the time Ms. Diel assumed full ownership of the company, MB Sturgis Inc. has created an exclusive niche in the marketplace for both Natural Gas and LP Gas products. Concentration in recent years has included additional hose fittings, large diameter hose assemblies, high volume quick disconnects, and cutting edge designs to provide a more efficient and cost effective means of providing gas products to the marketplace.

Today, Ms. Diel remains a very active business owner and she has incorporated her two sons, Bill Jr. & Brian to help oversee the daily operations of the business. Ms. Diel, Bill Jr. & Brian are currently focusing their efforts on continuing the factory automation initiative in an effort to further reduce labor costs, partner with their customers & suppliers to discover more cost savings opportunities without sacrificing product quality, and new product developments through innovative design.


  1. QUALITY– To produce safe, quality built LP and Natural Gas hose assemblies, quick disconnects, and tank connections that withstand the test of time.
  2. DESIGN– To continually improve our product's performance, functionality, and quality through cutting edge innovation & design.
  3. SERVICE– To be known by our customers as a North American gas connection products manufacturer that is innovative, flexible, and responsive to their needs.
  4. SAFETY– To make consumer safety our number one priority through our meticulous manufacturing processes and by taking a proactive stance regarding end user safety during our active participation on the standards boards that govern the gas connection industry.
  5. MATERIALS– To provide parts made with only the finest raw materials available and maintain an unwavering approach to procure these parts at the lowest costs possible.
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